Share Paper: Online Course Facilitators Describe What Works in Learner-Centered Feedback

  1. Helen Teague, PBS TeacherLine Course Facilitator & Pepperdine University, United States
  2. Francine Wargo, PBS Children’s Media & Education, United States
  3. Rose Castro, PBS TeacherLine Course Facilitator, United States
  4. Joyce King, PBS TeacherLine Course Facilitator, United States
  5. Vicky Lara, PBS TeacherLine Course Facilitator, United States
  6. John Tierney, PBS Teacherline Course Facilitator, United States
Tuesday, November 15 2:45 PM-3:45 PM Edison Ballroom

Abstract: A four-point-effectiveness checklist for continued student engagement through personalized assessment feedback in online courses is described in this poster and accompanying paper. Designed for pre-service and in-service adult learners, the checklist reflects research in pedagogical practice of knowledge transfer, adult learning theory, and the TPaCK instructional framework. Data sources include the feedback artifacts of current online course facilitators, who are also the co-writers of this paper. Post-course assessment data from adult learners validates the success of these methods in both current teaching practice and subsequent professional development through participation in online courses.