Share Paper: Using Early-Stage eLearning Design Research Principles & Practices to Create Impactful, Learner-Centered Experiences

  1. Jeff Bergin, Pearson VP Learning and Experience Design, United States
  2. Angela Payne, Pearson Design Based Research, United States
Monday, November 14 11:15-11:35 AM Edison B

Abstract: Designing e-learning courses, content, and technologies has increasingly involved late stage testing, such as usability testing, or post-implementation evaluation, such as effectiveness testing. However, many experiences still do not rely on early-stage research, known as foundational or generative research. This research is critical to constructing learner-centered experiences that are accessible, intuitive, impactful and engaging. In this session, learn about establishing foundational research, such as learner personae and learning principles, generative research, such as co-design sessions, and formative research, such as iterative testing. The session will focus on both fast-and-easy research methods and more sophisticated types of learner research, and will ...