Share Paper: Asking Students What They Think: Student User Experience (UX) Research Studies to Inform Online Course Design

  1. Ronda Reid, Penn State University, United States
  2. Andrea Gregg, Penn State University, United States
  3. Vicki Williams, Penn State University, United States
  4. Amy Garbrick, Penn State University, United States
Monday, November 14 11:15-11:35 AM Banneker

Abstract: User experience (UX) testing denotes evaluating a service or product by testing it with representative users. Such testing is commonplace in the online world generally, but not as common with online learning specifically. Testing online course design and preferences with students—representative users of online education services—has the potential to minimize learning barriers which may result from design problems or non-intuitive learning designs, help the student learning experience, and improve online learning overall. We explore two user based research efforts: a user survey to measure online course design preferences and a think-aloud, task-based testing in a fully developed online course to ...