Thursday, October 19
1:45 PM-2:45 PM
Grand Ballroom A+B

Student Driven Virtual Development of E-Learning Resources Using Google Apps

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  1. aaa
    David Ibsen
    Collaborative Information Networks
  2. Johanna Ibsen
    Family and Community Twining Society
  3. Gloria Zhao
    University of Alberta
  4. Carole Ibsen
    The Three Bears International

Abstract: Student Driven virtual resource development is the result of several years of working with students on summer projects that develop resources for our networks (online communities) The discussion will highlight what works and does not work and introduce Google Apps, that support supervision and resource development Participants will be given access to our Google drive and begin to develop their own projects and programs We will also discuss how to get funding to hire students (mostly from a Canadian perspective)


Through participating in this workshop participants will enhance their ability to: - Use google apps to supervise students and develop resources. - Set up “Collaborative Information Networks” and projects. - Hire and supervise students for summer projects. - Mentor students in “workability” (career and personal development). - Find funding to hire students, (Examples are Canadian).

Topical Outline

Topical Outline of the Content 1. Training students to work virtually. 2. Developing “workability” (Job Skills). 3. Reporting and supervision (Google Templates) a.Reporting Docs b.Timesheets c.Student Coordinators 4. Developing resources as part of a class. a.Using Post-Secondary students to work with K-12 students to develop resources. 5. Funding Applications a. General discussion on funding and Canada specifics as follows: i. CSJ (Canada Summer Jobs) ii. YCW (Young Canada Works) iii. SCIP (Serving Communities Internship Program - Alberta) 6. Hiring Students a. Job Descriptions b. Networking with Post-Secondary Institutions. i.Student Clubs 7. Projects and Networks (Canada 150 and others). a. Illustrations of projects and “Collaborative Information Networks.” b. Developing your own networks and projects


No prerequisite required only an interest in using student manpower to develop E-Learning resources.

Experience Level



Summary of the Instructor’s Qualifications All three instructors are involved in a non-profit society that hires mostly post-secondary students to develop resources for educational/community networks. These networks seek to “connect organizations and individuals, through in-person dialogues and online collaboration. Our projects are largely student-driven, and our goal is to research and provide access to people, knowledge, and resources in support of our community networks.”To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s 150, we have hired over 20 students working virtually in several parts of the province of Alberta on various “Collaborative Information Networking” projects. We have also conducted summer ESL programs in Malaysia, Thailand, and Canada and done other networking projects in Japan and China. The primary instructor, David Ibsen has a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto majoring in Educational Technology and Information Science. He continues his research into “Collaborative Information Networks,” as executive director of the society. He has also taught in Singapore and Canada at several post-secondary and K-12 organizations on subjects related to educational technology and industrial education. As a substitute teacher, he has taught a wide range of subjects and grades. In all of his teaching and volunteer experiences, he has endeavored to use technology to bring people together to work on shared projects. The second instructor, Carole Ibsen is the President of the society and brings her expertise in mentoring students in workability, mental health, and career development. She has worked at the University of Toronto Career Centre and as an executive secretary at the University of Alberta. She has received a provincial award for her work on our “Parents As Coaches” network and coordinates our Mental Health Network. The third instructor, Johanna Ibsen has a BA from the University of Alberta majoring in History. She has worked with the organization since 2004. She is the past president of the U of A Networking Club, an affiliate of the society. She has been involved in our ESL programs and has completed TESL Canada certification requirements. She has a Certificate of International Learning from the University of Alberta and has completed a study abroad program in Japan. She is the Executive Assistant of the society, and currently coordinates the Equine Network, Alberta/ Japan Network, and Canada 150 Networks.

Presider: Chia -Pei Wu, I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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