Monday, May 17
9:00 AM-12:30 PM

T4: Going Global and Mobile - Developing Media for Global Learning

Tutorial ID: 28653
  1. Anthony Klejna
    Daemen College

Abstract: Technology has finally made both global learning and mobile learning a reality. This tutorial will focus on the development of media that you can create and use for global and mobile learning. We will look at developing media for podcasts, video podcasts, and how to develop live and on-demand media for use in social networks. We will examine the modern tools used for easy creation of media. The tutorial will also show the development of media sourced from video conferencing systems, high-definition video cameras, and how to prepare the media for delivery to handheld devices, cell phones, and web sites. We will also look at creating live events that can be viewed globally and even live events that can be viewed on iPhones that lead to innovative educational programming. With adequate bandwidth we will also demonstrate live webcasting of the tutorial.


- Create basic media content from the venue with video and audio (demonstrated in tutorial) - Create media for distribution to cell phones and handheld devices (demonstrated in tutorial) - Create podcasts, video podcasts, webcasts, and handheld device media creation (demonstrated in tutorial) - Create/ Edit content with web-based software tools (demonstrated in tutorial) - Identify moderate cost solutions to developing live and on-demand media - Compare/ contrast media types, compression methods, and media quality - How Content Delivery Networks work to distribute media on a global basis - Create a live webcast from Malaysia to the U.S and back using Content Delivery Networks - Preview of future tools available in the upcoming year

Topical Outline

Creating On-line Media – On-demand and Live Social Networks - Creating media for multiple applications and networks How to create a live webcast from Malaysia to the U.S. and back Create a video to highlight your institution and distribute it to web sites and mobile devices How Content Delivery Networks extend your institutions global presence? - A Look at the Largest Global CDNs Create a video to help market your institution and distribute it to web sites and mobile devices Create media for cell phones, handhelds, web, DVD, and high-definition - Why One Size Does Not Fit All How iPhones and new smartphones enable live and on-demand content created by you. Using video conferencing equipment to create your on-line live stream and on-demand media Best practices for production of live events and on-demand media How LiveU and Livestream technology create innovative learning environments Tandberg Fieldview and similar products enhance coursework with live, remote content How Multinational Research and Education Networks bring us together- APAN, GEANT2, and more Using low cost cameras for media and student engagement Software - Professional or novice; multiple solutions for media creation Creating innovative on-line learning and distance learning


This tutorial is intended for beginning to intermediate users although advanced topics can be addressed. But those just interested in learning more about these topics are certainly welcome. Participants should have a desire to learn how to create on-line media for live and on-demand use in education and social networks. Participants should have a conceptual understanding of on-line media, social networks, and wish to expand their understanding to new uses with new technologies. Participants sharing experiences is encouraged in this lively tutorial and discussion.

Experience Level



*International speaker on technology in education – Asia, North America, Europe *Named by Streaming Media Magazine as one of the 25 people who have done the most to advance the industry in the last decade. More here: More about the presenter here: *Member- National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences *Blue-ribbon panel Judge - Technology & Engineering EMMY Awards - Advanced Media Technology *Presenter / Trainer –The World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications ED-MEDIA 2009 – Honolulu, Hawaii, “Putting the Media in ED-Media” ED-MEDIA 2008 – Vienna, Austria, :”New Media in Education: The ‘How to Do It’ Tutorial” ED-MEDIA 2007 – Vancouver, BC, Canada “Making Media” ED-MEDIA 2006 – Orlando, Florida, “The Media Explosion” ED-MEDIA 2005 – Montreal, Quebec, “Five Streaming Media Technologies for 2005” ED-MEDIA 2004 – Lugano, Switzerland, “Media Everywhere” ED-MEDIA 2003 - Honolulu, Hawaii, “Multiple Media” ED-MEDIA 2002 – Denver, Colorado, “Media for All” ED-MEDIA 2001 – Tampere, Finland, “A Media Odyssey” ED-MEDIA 2000 - Montreal, Quebec, “Welcome to Streaming Media” E-LEARN 2006, Honolulu, Hawaii, “The Media Explosion Comes to Your School” E-LEARN 2002, Montreal, Quebec, “Media In Education” *Moderator and Presenter: Streaming Media Europe 2008 & 2009 Conference– London, U.K. – “Media for Social Media and Creating Webcasts and Live Events Streaming Media East 2009 Conference– New York, New York – “Making Effective Online Video for Education” Streaming Media East 2008 Conference– New York, New York – “Beyond the Classroom: Reaching a Global and Mobile Audience with Elearning” Streaming Media West 2007 Conference– San Jose, CA – “Mobile Streaming: Development, Deployment, and Distribution Streaming Media West 2004 Conference– Santa Clara, CA, “Streaming In The University: Beyond Distance Learning”
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