Share Paper: Fostering Creativity through Inquiry and Adventure in Informal Learning Environment Design

  1. Aaron Doering, University of Minnesota, United States
  2. Jeni Henrickson, University of Minnesota, United States
Friday, April 17 2:25-2:45 PM S3

Abstract: Self-directed, inquiry-based learning opportunities focused on real-world problem solving have been shown to foster creativity in learners. This study examines an online informal learning environment and the role the learning environment design and teacher pedagogy and practice played in influencing creativity in the classroom. Data were gathered via interviews, direct observation, and focus groups as 95 high school students guided by 1 teacher worked in small groups to collaboratively design and present geography research using the WeExplore adventure learning environment. Findings indicate that teacher and student creativity were impacted by the unique learning environment design, the opportunity to define self-identified ...