Engage, Motivate, and Challenge Online Faculty with "Just in Time" Web Tools

LIVE Brief Paper ID: 36809
  1. aaa
    Holly McCracken
    Capella University
  2. aaa
    Eileen Dittmar
    Capella University

Abstract: Experienced e-learning faculty members share strategies for implementing a comprehensive training model essential to the continued development of high performing online instructors. Their high-impact model promotes information sharing, facilitates content creation, and fosters collaboration among faculty members teaching undergraduate students in Web-based learning environments, and has as its goals increasing student satisfaction, promoting instructional quality, and motivating participants. Model components include a professional development blog focused on adult learning; an extensive resource wiki to assure great teaching; and, a self-check performance review tool shared between instructors and evaluators. Additional Web tools include the use of a peer-to-peer conferencing platform in which a six-part training series focusing on online teaching strategies is conducted, and the utilization of Skype through which regularly scheduled faculty team meetings are facilitated.

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