Tuesday, March 27
2:15-2:35 PM
Exec. Salon 3

The Effect of Collaborative Formative Assessment on Student Learning in an Online Classroom

Brief Paper ID: 17834
  1. aaa
    Beverly Klecker
    Morehead State University

Abstract: This exploratory research study examined the impact of using feedback from weekly multiple-choice tests on final exam scores and students’ IDEA course ratings. The teacher researcher taught two sections (N=33; N=34) of a graduate-level, semester long, online course in advanced human growth and development. Each section had identical course materials on separate electronic Blackboard sites. The treatment, 20 item multiple choice tests, was randomly assigned to one section. The other section had no weekly multiple-choice tests. Identical final examinations and IDEA course evaluations were used to measure differences in learning and student course satisfaction. Students in the course with the weekly formative tests had statistically significantly (p.<.05) higher final exam scores. There was no statistically significant difference in the students’ course ratings.

Presider: Ayako Hoshino, University of Tokyo


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