Friday, March 7
11:00-11:20 AM
Royale 3

Playing and Learning Chemistry at Web Enviorment -- a Taiwanese Case

Brief Paper ID: 20291
  1. aaa
    Zangyuan Own
    Providence University

Abstract: Learning chemistry must have fun, and a lot of chemistry teaching materials are all hidden in the normal life environment. We wish to apply situated design on the playing and learning chemistry web site; the web site will be focus on life materials and learner control design style. Our research targets are on those students who took the ‘Life Chemistry’ e-learning course in a university at Taiwan. They were divided into two groups by random: The experimental group, which was in a situated learning environment and the controlled group, which was in a non-situated one. We used the ACS Test Bank as our research tool and used SPSS to analysis the data we obtained. Results show the experimental group with situated learning environment out performs the controlled group. In addition, the field independent learning type students in a situated learning environment show a stunning better achievement than their opposite one.

Presider: Zangyuan Own, Providence University


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