Monday, March 3
8:30 AM-12:00 PM

(9AM-4:30PM) STEM 1 Day Tour: A Moving Experience, Visiting Schools of the Future (Bus Trip w/Video & Lunch)

Workshop ID: 20585
  1. aaa
    Bonnie Bracey-Sutton
    Thornburg Center for Professional Development
  2. aaa
    Victor Sutton
    Agora, Greece
  3. Monte Bay
    Clark County School District,Academic Manager, Superintendent's Office
  4. aaa
    Ray Rose
    Rose Associates
  5. Karlene Lee
    Clark County School District, Associate Superintendent, Superintendent's Schools
  6. Andre Denson
    Clark County School District, Region Superintendent, Southeast Region

Abstract: The moving experience of STEM will be a workshop that takes the participants to state of the art schools that practice STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ) as a part of their curriculum. Each of the schools has a museum and educational exhibit that teachers would be immersed in as a part of the workshop. Clark County School District has a few unique schools to share with conference attendees. The schools include the new NW-CTA (our new 70 million dollar Career and Technical Academy), Lamping (NASA and archeological dig), McCaw (School of Mines),and Vanderburg (Rainforest).


To share state of the art schools in Clark County that show the possibilities of planning for STEM education. To create the understanding of the research that supports development of programs to support students in STEM careers. To broaden the participation of teachers and professors in innovative ways of thinking about STEM curriculum, given the examples and experiences that they will have on this trip. To provide models of excellence that are national , but also that in a flat world can be shared along with the proceedings of the GAID Task Force as a handout book on ICT for all participants. To interact with staff in state of the art schools that practice STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ) as a part of their curriculum.

Topical Outline

A Moving Experience in Science Technology, Engineering and Math( on a bus) Involvement, Immersion, Exploration and Discussion of STEM Schools Tour of Schools with STEM Initiatives A. NW-CTA (the new 70 million dollar Career and Technical Academy), The Northwest Career and Technical Academy (NW-CTA) opened its doors in 2007-2008. The NW-CTA has seven learning academies including, Transportation, Culinary/Hospitality, Transportation Technology, Media and Communications, Pre-Engineering, Medical Professions, and Early Childhood Education. The Frank C.Lamping (NASA and archeological dig), Frank Lamping Elementary School School has an observatory. McCool science center in honor or the astronaut Willie McCool who died in the Columbia accident opened in October, 2005. His parents live in Vegas and were involved in the effort to get this center built in his honor. B.McCaw (School of Mines), ( Elementary School) The McCaw School of Mines is an introduction to mining for elementary school students. It is the only mine in the country attached to a school. Though described as a museum the McCaw School of Mines is actually more of a hands on experience. C.John C. Vanderburg Elementary School Has a biosphere that houses a tropical rain forest. and Vanderburg (Rainforest). The purpose of the rainforest biosphere is to serve as a hands-on science laboratory where students will have an opportunity to compare the rainforest biome with their own desert biome. The goal is to provide students with experiences that help them understand how all parts of an ecosystem are valuable and how they are dependent on each other. ] Participants will be furnished with resources from ITEST, The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, The National Science Board,, and the MIT-PITAC STEM toolkit. The international handout will be the United Nations Book on ICT.


The nation and the world talk about what should be done to encourage students to participate in Science, Math, Technology and Engineering. This school system has schools we can visit and explore, we can interact with staff. There are websites for further exploration as well as innovative ways of teaching and learning to be involved in. The National Academy of Science has given me their position paper to distribute to participants.

Experience Level



The instructor, was the only K-12 teacher on the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council of the US. Was a participant in the IITF Task Force, and has been a technology advocate as well as a teacher involved in initiatives for the study of science, math , technology, and engineering with NASA, National Geographic, NCGE, NCTM. She has completed outreach in the United States and in 23 countries in the world. She has a book that was published from the UN, ICT Task Force that was featured at the WSIS meeting in Tunis. SHe also is a CERN Fellow , and a NASA Challenger Fellow, NASA ASEC teacher, and is the K-12 Chair for the Supercomputing Conference, as well as a member of the committee on the Teragrid. She does national outreach for the George Lucas Educational Foundation.
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