Share Paper: Fuzzy Cognitive Model for Student as Support in Learning

  1. Jesus Miguel Garcia Gorrostieta, Universidad de la Sierra, Mexico
  2. César Enrique Rose Gómez, Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo, Mexico
Friday, March 7 9:45 AM-10:15 AM Royale 3

Abstract: In a virtual environment the student’s evaluation becomes more complicated, how to determine the learning level of the student in a certain subject is the central topic of the present work. Intelligent tutoring systems divide the course in objectives, they have concepts, exercises and questionnaires that register the degree of understanding of the student in the student model and based on it personalizes the necessary feedback. However, due to its great adaptability to the student, the intelligent tutoring systems are bounded to their lack of adaptability to some learning management systems. Our proposal is a cognitive model of the student ...