Share Paper: Alignment of Instructor and Student Learning Styles and Preferences in Distance Education Courses

  1. Karen Voytecki, East Carolina University, United States
  2. Alana Zambone, East Carolina University, United States
  3. Melissa Engleman, East Carolina University, United States
  4. Patricia Anderson, East Carolina University, United States
Friday, March 7 9:45 AM-10:45 AM Royale 8

Abstract: Graduate students and university professors of education have different perspectives on which pedagogical methods are viewed as most effective in distance education courses. The researchers explored the interaction that exists between learning styles and online course activities. The researchers also analyzed the alignment of faculty learning styles with those of online graduate students. As an extension of this study, the researchers examined the implications of the learning style alignment for faculty- and student-preferred online course activities in several large distance education programs in one College of Education. The study resulted in data supporting recommendations for distance education course design focusing ...