Share Paper: International instructor’s perception of teaching in American university: Qualitative research

  1. Sanghoon Park, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, United States
  2. Roberto Perez-Galluc, Florida State University, United States
  3. Kioh Kim, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, United States
Friday, March 7 11:20-11:40 AM Capri 115

Abstract: The number of international graduate students in United States has been increasing as the globalization has been an issue of most educational institutions and organizations. Yet, still international instructors have cultural difference in terms of teaching philosophy and classroom management skill. The purpose of this study was to describe the one male international instructor’s teaching behavior in terms of how he manages the course and how he actually provides instruction, using an ethnographical approach. In order to collect qualitative data, two data collection methods were applied; Observation and semi structured interview.