Share Paper: Transforming Thinking, Self-Concepts & World Views Through Hybridized International Travel + Online Learning

  1. Roy Tamashiro, Webster University, United States
  2. Paula Hanssen, Webster University, United States
  3. Brad G. Scott, Webster University, United States
Friday, March 7 9:45 AM-10:15 AM Capri 116

Abstract: Educators know that traditional study abroad programs (one month or longer) can have a profound impact on students’ thinking processes, self-concepts and world views. This paper examines whether there is similar impact on students’ learning, thinking and self-concepts when the international travel component is shortened (5-10 days) but combined with new online learning technologies. Instructors in recent international travel + online hybrid courses at Webster University discuss the impact they observed on their students’ thinking and their personal and professional lives. The travel courses included destinations in Europe (such as Austria, France, Holland, Switzerland, and Slovakia) and Asia (including China, ...