Share Paper: University-supported Adult English Education in Taiwan’s Community Colleges

  1. Chin-Yin Chen, Meiho Institute of Technology, Taiwan
  2. Wen-Yu Hsieh, Meiho Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Friday, March 7 1:15-1:35 PM Capri 115

Abstract: In order to promote professional skills among laborers, Ping Tong Labor College in the South of Taiwan, has developed a specific curriculum to help laborers attain certification in their field and also to develop a second career skill. In the Life Application Management field, two English classes are offered: 1) General English Conversation and 2) the elementary level of the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT). According to prior evaluations, and a case study of English language skills among laborers, developing English proficiency and obtaining professional certificates are the most urgent need for laborers. Meanwhile, practitioners should take teaching activities into ...