Preparing Students for the 21st Century, An Exploration of Emerging Technologies, Participatory Culture, Content and Pedagogy Strategies, Part 1

ID: 24548 Type: Symposium
  1. Bonnie Bracey Sutton, Thornburg Center for Professional Development, United States
  2. Ray Rose, Mentornet, United States
  3. Paul Resta, University of Texas, at Austin, United States
  4. Henry Neeman, University of Oklahoma, United States
  5. Robert Panoff,, United States
  6. Mano Talaiver, Longwood University, Virginia, United States
  7. Victor Sutton, Agora EIIG Europe, United Kingdom
  8. Bob Plants, University of Mississippi, Oxford and Fairhaven, United States

Wednesday, March 4 2:45 PM-3:45 PM Location: Meeting Room 5

No presider for this session.

Abstract: This symposium is about using the next generation of information technology to launch a process of continuous improvement in education. Grid computing, widespread broadband connectivity, Web 2.0 software, and a new generation of software for gaming and virtual worlds has the potential to revolutionize not only how people learn but the way we build, evaluate, and share resources and instructional strategies. These tools let us implement approaches to learning that we know are effective, an ability to respond quickly to the needs and interests of each individual, an ability to use knowledge mastered to achieve an authentic challenge, and a seamless mixture of learning and evaluation. They also permit people around the country to collaborate in building and using synthetic environments for learning -- environments that will persist and continuously improve..We will discuss and define, adequate access, content, teacher preparation, emerging technologies and also take a look into the future. What are the future forces that affect education?


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