Share Paper: Teaching Teachers to Teach with Body- and Space related Technologies: Programmable Clothing in Performative Teaching Processes

  1. Thomas Winkler, IMIS / University of Luebeck, Germany
  2. Martina Ide, IQSH, Germany
  3. Michael Herczeg, IMIS / University of Luebeck, Germany
Friday, April 2 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Nautilus 1

Abstract: The integration of programmable textiles into teaching scenarios allows the necessary support for world-life in the 21th century. Therefore, we discuss theoretically the meaning of this integration. We describe a pilot project, where 10th graders program and create smart textiles, relate to self produced video clips and an onstage performance. In the course of the project, active and creative conceptual permeation of commodity (clothes) with digital technology, experimental development and ac-cessibility of new communication and interaction is originated by young people. Further on, we discuss how this experience is transformed into teacher education. Evaluation results of the pilot project are ...