Share Paper: Improving Test Preparation for Students with Special Needs: Web-based Tutorial, Student Charting, and a Text Reader

  1. Lauren Menard, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (graduate), United States
Tuesday, March 8 5:55 PM-6:15 PM Kingsley

Abstract: Obstacles to the classroom implementation of the fourth grade Math component of Louisiana’s web-based testing tutorial were addressed in this informal pilot. Technology integration improved standardized test preparation for students with special needs. Supplemental test preparation sessions give the benefits of (a) increased familiarity with testing terminology and format, (b) a less stressful environment to practice skills aligned with standards, and (c) a review of grade level content covered throughout the year. Structured, independent charting encouraged student participation and ownership of progress. Students with test read aloud accommodations participated independently with the addition of a text reader capable of reading ...