Share Paper: Bringing ICTs into Namibia’s “Integrated Media and Technology Education” Teacher Education Course: A Three-Year Follow-up

  1. Hilary Wilder, College of Education, William Paterson University, United States
  2. Sacky M. Iipinge, Faculty of Education, University of Namibia, Namibia
Tuesday, March 8 12:10-12:30 PM Two Rivers

Abstract: In this presentation, the authors will report on the status of a revised educational technology course that the first author had worked on in 2006 for the Namibian Basic Education teacher preparation program. The course revision, along with a parallel rollout of supporting technology infrastructure, support and teacher-educator training, was part of a larger overhaul of the Namibian education system, funded in part by the World Bank. In 2009, and again in 2010, the authors visited the Colleges of Education to assess the adoption of the revised course and the impact it was having on the students and lecturers.