The Pajama Effect

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  1. Bobbe Baggio, La Salle University, United States

Thursday, March 10 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Location: Bellmeade

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Abstract: The term “pajama effect” is a means of understanding the blending phenomenon. For the purpose of this discussion, the pajama effect will be defined as: “The pajama effect is the ability of those connected via digitally mediated communications, such as telecommuters and online learners, to remain highly productive while working, playing, and learning online, hence thriving in a flexible environment that is physically detached and where distractions and interruptions abound.”Despite the challenges of remaining connected and increased demands by employers and educational institutions, users crave increased mobility, higher network speeds, and more flexibility. Companies around the globe continue to opt for telecommuting as a means to save, but also to increase productivity. The Pajama Effect takes a look at how the virtual environment is different and what skills virtual workers and learners need to optimize performance, to be happy and to be very successful. The Pajama Effect is a process which includes: prospering from inspiration, aligning connections, joining business with pleasure, awakening to virtual time, managing distractions, agreeing to be flexible, and setting boundaries.


Objectives Recognize that certain skills are necessary for success when working or learning in a virtual world. Establish what skills you possess and which you may need to acquire and/or practice Determine an approach for eliminating roadblocks and developing new skills Determine practical approaches to teach and learn pajama effect skills to individuals and virtual teams Evaluate the impact of the pajama effect on designing for virtual classes and virtual workplace interactions.

Topical Outline

PJ Effect Table of Contents 1. Prospering from Inspiration a. Inspiration vs Motivation…push versus pull b. Positive vs Negative c. Internal vs External 2. Aligning connections a. Privacy and Anonymity b. Symbols and the Unconscious Mind c. The Digital Never forgets 3. Joining Business with Pleasure a. Derailing Success b. A Private vs Public Life 4. Awakening to Virtual Time a. It’s 2AM in India b. A 24/7/365 World 5. Managing Distractions a. Freedom b. Vulnerability c. Fun, Frolic and Focus 6. Agreeing to be Flexible a. Process vs Project b. Ways to be Free to Create 7. Setting Boundaries a. Physical Boundaries b. Emotional Boundaries c. Connection Boundaries d. Time and Space Boundaries e. Honesty 8. Little Christmas’s 9. Virtual Teams: Supporting Satellite Units 10. The New Frontier


None...this is beneficial to everyone. It is especially beneficial to those who work, learn or teach online.

Experience Level



Dr. Baggio is an accomplished author, speaker and educator. Her specific expertise is in how people learn and how to use technologies to help them learn. Her company Advantage Learning Technologies, Inc. (ALT) has provided ID services and implemented projects for clients in finance, healthcare, gasses and chemicals, manufacturing, distribution, construction, government and higher education. A more detailed list of clients can be found on her web site at Bobbe provides programs and products so that people who are trying to use technology for teaching and learning can do so effectively. She is currently the Director of the Graduate Program in Instructional Technology Management at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA and speaks regularly to organizations and companies around the globe. Her latest books include You Listen with Your Eyes and The Pajama Effect. Bobbe’s prior experience includes being a Senior Scientist, Management Consultant, Director of IT, and Director of Software Development. Her education includes a BA from Waynesburg College, MA from West Virginia University, MS from Lehigh University and PhD Capella University.


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