Share Paper: Playing Catch Up 2.0: How a Professional Learning Community Instructional Model Assists Adult Students

  1. Richard Pierce, Fairmont State University, United States
  2. Paul Reneau, Fairmont State University, United States
Friday, March 11 10:15-10:45 AM Oaklands

Abstract: This study investigates the impact of a professional learning community (PLC) instructional model on the development of information and communication technology (ICT) self efficacy in adult and non-traditional students. The main research question posed in this study is: Does the (PLC) model support the development of adult and non-traditional learners’ (ICT) self efficacy relative to their 'net generation' counterparts? This question was answered by analyzing survey responses over a 5 year period at a regional university in Appalachia. Significant differences in the beginning composite and sub-scale (ICT) self efficacy domains, including operating systems, spreadsheets, presentations, and internet / educational technology, ...