Share Paper: Educate to Innovate with Mobile Technologies

  1. Paul Resta, University of Texas, Austin, United States
  2. Ray Rose, Rose Smith Associates, United States
  3. Mano Talaiver, Longwood College, United States
  4. Victor Sutton,, United States
  5. Smith Joyce, ITEST EDC, United States
  6. Bob Plants, University of Mississippi, United States

Abstract: .We propose to link the digital equity SIG with the mobile technology SIG.We will focus the discussion on tools for the classroom, an overview of tools that are changing the classroom. Milton Chen of Edutopia and Mike Searson of Kean University have explored and demonstrated use of these technologies with teachers abroad. We want to do it in the conference for our learning communities. It's an exciting and momentous time for technology advances in learning from the explosion of interest in online courses to free videoconferencing to powerful new devices at lower cost, such as the iPod. IPad and other ...