Share Paper: The Promotion of Scientific Inquiry in Irish Post-Primary Schools Through the Use of a Virtual Chemistry Laboratory: Implications for Teacher Education

  1. Dermot Donnelly, University of Limerick, Ireland
  2. John O'Reilly, University of Limerick, Ireland
  3. Oliver McGarr, University of Limerick, Ireland
Thursday, March 10 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: The lack of uptake of science subjects in Post-Primary Schools (High Schools) is a continuous concern, both in Ireland and the international community. In the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation Report, the Irish government stresses the need for a greater focus on investigative approaches, assessing practical work and effectively using Information and Communications Technology. This mirrors the international move towards inquiry and more authentic student experience of the sciences. A review of the Irish Science Syllabi is ongoing to find possible solutions. This paper proposes a Virtual Chemistry Laboratory (VCL) as a practical infrastructure to tackle these issues and ...