Share Paper: Creating a General Checklist for Graduate Distance Learning Students to Improve On-time Submissions in an Asynchronous Course

  1. Terence Cavanaugh, University of North Florida, United States
Tuesday, March 8 4:00-4:30 PM Hermitage B

Abstract: In response to novice online learners in distance learning courses submitting work late and missing elements of various assignments, a project was undertaken to create a strategy or tool to help students’ better keep on track and on task, a checklist. This generalized assessments checklist for distance learning students taking an asynchronous course was designed following the FAA and CAA checklist design standards, follows the read-do design format and acts as a tool for students’ self-regulation and build self-management skills. The checklist appears to be a cost effective strategy to use with novice students and has yielded positive results. Currently, ...