Share Paper: Hey that's no way to say goodbye: A Case study on the contribution of salutations to building trust in online virtual groups

  1. Elaine Hoter, Talpiot College of Education and the Center for Technology and Multiculturalism, Israel
Friday, March 11 2:00-2:30 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: Abstract: This case study through content analysis looks at the written group interaction in an online collaborative learning course between three distinct cultures in Israel; Arabs, secular Jews and religious Jews. The study looks at a sample of thirty one students in teacher colleges in Israel who studied in six groups. Frequency of specific comments were tested for correlations and communication patterns analyzes. Comments and attitudes towards the other cultures significantly correlated with comments about enjoying working together, friendly salutations, expressions of liking someone, criticism, disagreeing and showing frustration. The results suggest the importance in teacher education of learning and ...