Share Paper: Collaborating in Virtual Spaces: GoogleDocs, Group Work, and Online Learning

  1. Danilo M Baylen, University of West Georgia, United States
  2. Rowena Santiago, California State University San Bernardino, United States
  3. Minoru Nakayama, CRADLE, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Friday, March 11 10:15-10:35 AM Two Rivers

Abstract: This case study describes and discusses the experiences of students in a graduate education course that used GoogleDocs as a tool for collaboration. Data was collected on evidences of online collaborative interactions, and on contextual issues (including learner characteristics) and student perceptions of their online experiences. Data was analyzed to identify trends and factors that helped make online collaboration a successful learning experience (e.g., project completion, positive social and personal interactions) and to gain insights and lessons on how to better design collaborative online group work. The paper also recommends ways of how web-based collaboration tools like GoogleDocs can best ...