Share Paper: Do teacher education courses influence pre-service teachers’ Educational Technology Competencies?— An investigation of pre-service teachers majored in Math Education in China

  1. Ning Yang, School of Education, Fujian Normal University, China
Thursday, March 10 2:00-2:30 PM Two Rivers

Abstract: The pre-service teachers should be prepared to integrate educational technologies into the subject teaching. Despite the increased availability and support for ICT integration, relatively few teachers intend to integrate ICT into their teaching activities (e.g., Ertmer, 2005). The study centers on the impact of the teacher education courses on the students’ educational technology capacities that are based on “The Chinese K-12 teachers’Educational Technology Capacity Sstandard” and TPACK teacher knowledge framework. Building on the results of ANOVA test analysis, the study suggested that the current courses and practices related teachers’ technology has not given the students enough preparations for their technology ...