Share Paper: A model for building Trust in online learning

  1. Elaine Hoter, Talpiot College of Education and the Center for Technology and Multiculturalism, Israel
  2. Miri Shonfeld, Kibbutzim college of Education, The Center for Technology and Multiculturalism, Israel
  3. Asmaa Ganayem, Alqasmi Academic College, Israel
Wednesday, March 9 6:30 PM-8:00 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: This poster will present the model developed for the building of trust between online groups entitled the Online Inter-Group Contact Hypothesis, (OICH). The model is an extension of the Contact Theory (Allport, 1954), Allport claimed that under certain circumstances, contact among members of different groups leads to affable interpersonal relations among them, which in turn lead to a reduction of stereotyping and prejudice. The model developed promotes a gradual development from text to audio and finally F2F communication while creating a collaborative environment, high level of trust, and high-order thinking, through multimedia and Web2 tools. The model has been successfully ...