Share Paper: Pre-service teacher’s perceptions of high-tech assistive technology

  1. Julie Corkett, Schulich School of Education, Canada
  2. Mumbi Kariuki, Schulich School of Education, Canada
  3. Darlene Brackenreed, Schulich School of Education, Canada
  4. Ken Waller, Schulich School of Education, Canada
Thursday, March 10 3:25-3:45 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: The current study examines how pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy in assistive technology (AT) influences their perceptions of AT within the classroom. The participants consisted of pre-service teachers (n=151) enrolled in the primary/junior division of a one-year Bachelor of Education degree program. Preliminary findings suggest that the majority of the pre-service teachers started the teacher preparation program with moderate to high self-efficacy levels in AT. Furthermore, the findings point to positive relationships between the pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy and their view on the potential impact of AT in the classroom and their view on whether or not AT is the responsibility of the ...