Share Paper: I Learned More Than I Expected: Creating Communities of Practice to Impact Students’ Understanding of Reform-based Pedagogy

  1. Mehmet Aydeniz, The University of Tennessee, United States
  2. JoAnn Candy, The University of Tennessee, United States
  3. Kristen Rearden, The University of Tennessee, United States
Wednesday, March 9 2:45 PM-3:45 PM Bellmeade

Abstract: Abstract: This study is a report of in-service and pre-service science and mathematics teachers’ experiences with learning in three content methods courses. The results indicate that students had mixed reactions towards learning the content in an online environment. Contrary to the notion that online courses foster isolation, our data suggest that they can actually enhance collegiality, and thus reduce isolation for rural teachers. While the participants saw value in being able to interact with each other and the instructors online, they preferred face-to-face interactions with all participants. The discussion focuses on addressing the types of changes needed in curriculum, pedagogy ...