Share Paper: Technology Integration in Nevada Classrooms as a Result of Inquiry Based Professional Development

  1. Melissa Slayden, University of Nevada, United States
  2. Jordan Pickering, University of Nevada, United States
  3. Jacque Ewing-Taylor, University of Nevada, United States
Wednesday, March 9 3:25-3:45 PM Two Rivers

Abstract: Thirty-six Nevada educators, both primary and secondary, took part in the Nevada Educators Really Doing Science (NERDS) 2010 program. During this process, participants were introduced to and utilized a variety of technologies and the inquiry method during a series of pre-sessions, post-sessions, and a week-long field experience. Based on findings from past research, data were collected using a refined technology survey, which questioned participants regarding their familiarity, knowledge, efficacy, and use of technology in the classroom. It is expected that participants will experience an increase in technology familiarity, knowledge, efficacy, and will increase technology use in the classroom after participating ...