Share Paper: 3D Video Production in Teacher Education

  1. Jay Wilson, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  2. Stefan Scott, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Wednesday, March 9 2:00-2:30 PM Tulip Grove E

Abstract: Abstract: Video used in the classroom by teachers can make learning more engaging or content easier to comprehend (Pelton, Sehgal & Pelton, 2009). Video can be pre-produced and adapted or created by the teacher. A recent trend in video is the renewed interest in three-dimensional (3D) video. Although current equipment is expensive, the option now exists to have 3D in classrooms. With 3D as an option is it possible to have teacher-created video that can take advantage of this format? In 2010 a teacher candidate in an undergraduate video production course created a 3D video project using existing production equipment ...