Share Paper: Research on the Application and Assessment of Coordinated Use of “Formative Electronic Portfolios” and “Summative Electronic Portfolios”

  1. Wakio Oyanagi, Nara University of Education, Japan
Friday, March 11 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Edgewood

Abstract: This research aims to describe the concept behind the design of the learning environment at the Graduate School of Education, Nara University of Education (School of Professional Development in Education), which opened in April, followed by the potential and issues concerning coordinated use of “Assessment Guidebooks”, “Formative Electronic Portfolios” and “Summative Electronic Portfolios” through the initial stages of application and assessment. We will look at the results and issues that have arisen within the two-years since the learning environment was opened, and what is happening from an operational perspective as time progresses.