Share Paper: To be or not to be – That it the role play question

  1. Penelope Neuendorf, Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia
  2. Margaret O'Connell, Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia
Tuesday, March 8 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: Choosing to develop scenario-based role plays using a virtual world environment as the stage for the performance requires a paradigm shift in thinking. Pedagogically sound scenario-based role plays are activities with a specific learning outcome designed to create a realistic learning experience for participants. Scenario-based role plays are an effective and socially dynamic learning strategy in the vocational education sector (Fannon, 2002) extending these activities into the virtual world environment has added another layer of learning for participants that is arguably more immersive and authentic (Freitas, 2008). The adaptability, ease of use and low costs associated with customizing a virtual ...