Share Paper: Challenges and experiences of school districts in lower West Michigan that are implementing 1:1 computing initiatives

  1. Andrew Topper, GVSU College of Education, United States
  2. Sean Lancaster, GVSU College of Education, United States
Thursday, March 10 4:00-4:30 PM Evergreen

Abstract: This paper explores the implementation of various 1:1 laptop computer initiatives throughout lower West Michigan to determine if patterns exist. These initiatives are funded in times of limited K-12 resources and constitute a serious investment in technology for the schools and districts adopting them. The goals of this study are to understand how and why 1:1 laptop initiatives are being implemented across lower West Michigan, how these initiatives are funded and supported, and expectations or assumptions of stakeholders that are driving adoption of this type of technology. The results suggest that these districts, and those like them, will face many ...