Share Paper: Supporting teacher learning in a 1:1 laptop initiative

  1. Andrew Topper, GVSU College of Education, United States
  2. Deepak Subramony, GVSU College of Education, United States
  3. Richard Cooley, GVSU College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, United States
Friday, March 11 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Kingsley

Abstract: As part of a partnership between teacher educators at a Midwestern university and a local K-12 school district, in support of implementation of student 1:1 computing initiative, an alternative form of teacher professional development was established. Content-focused teacher inquiry groups, a form of professional learning communities (PLC), met regularly during the school year to explore how technology might support subject area instruction and assessment. University faculty members with subject area expertise and interest in technology integration facilitated sessions with the intent of focusing on inquiry and scaffolding teachers taking over this role in the future. This paper shares the results ...