Share Paper: The Integration of Using Cell Phones to Create Digital Stories in Language Classrooms in the College Level

  1. Shu-chien Pan, Ohio University, United States
  2. Chuan-Ta Chao, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Wednesday, March 9 4:00-4:20 PM Edgewood

Abstract: The prevalence of cell phones has changed the ways in which people communicate with each other on their personal daily tasks as well as in their academic work. The ubiquity of cell phone infrastructure creates their availability among college students. This new trend allows college students to interact with peers, instructors, or people unknown worldwide not only for social communication needs but also schoolwork. Meanwhile, the updated advanced multimedia cell phones provide opportunities to capture still images as well as to record audio and video clips for digital story creation. This research investigated the use of cell phones to create ...