Share Paper: Mobile Handheld Devices in Preparing Teachers: The Role of PDAs and Smartphones

  1. Margie Spino, University of Toledo, United States
  2. Lisa Kahle-Piasecki, University of Toledo, United States
  3. Judy Lambert, University of Toledo, United States
Wednesday, March 9 11:30-11:50 AM McGavock's C

Abstract: Within the last few decades personal digital assistants (PDAs), including smartphones, have become increasingly popular. Despite their proliferation among the general public and their positive reviews in the educational literature, PDA implementation by teachers lags behind the device’s technological innovations. Research suggests that teachers who believe a technology will benefit learning will be more likely to implement the technology. This preliminary survey study investigated preservice teachers’ perspectives on PDA use and affordances. Survey results indicated preservice teachers were not using PDAs in classes and that while current owners of PDAs would definitely use PDAs as teachers, students who do not ...