Share Paper: Student Grouping Strategies within Technology Rich Learning Environments

  1. Jana Craig Hare, ALTEC/Center for Research on Learning, United States
  2. Marilyn Ault, ALTEC/Center for Research on Learning, United States
Tuesday, March 8 4:00-4:30 PM Edgewood

Abstract: In addition to learning content knowledge, schools often provide the foundation for helping students understand the social world and develop a personal sense of dignity, self-esteem, and efficacy to be high-quality citizens. The Kansas Technology Rich Classroom (TRC) Program links the instructional use of technology with the application of a student-centered, project based learning approach to instruction that focuses on the use of higher order thinking skills in elementary math, reading, and/or science classes. The classrooms participating as a TRC are fully equipped to tap into the social constructivist classroom potential, through technology, instructional practices, and learner-centered environments. While research ...