Share Paper: iCl@ssroom 321 - The Future now

  1. Robert David, Université de Montréal, Canada
  2. Pierre Poulin, École Wilfrid-Bastien, Canada
  3. Isabelle Massé, École Wilfrid-Bastien, Canada
Friday, March 11 12:10-12:30 PM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: iCl@ssroom (iCl@sse 321 in French) is a 1-on-1 computer constructivist paperless program, in which students are involved in shaping their learning. Team learning and strong self-esteem are major key ingredients. The iClassroom, created in 2009, is a innovative project that has led us to develop new teaching or staff training methods, to promote technology innovation across school and district. Development of this 21 century classroom is the result of 8 years of technology integration in a grade 6 classroom.