Share Paper: Distributed leadership facilitating collaboration in a teacher community of practice

  1. Gyeong Mi Heo, CEFRIO, Canada
  2. Donna Anderson, Grosse Ile School, Canada
  3. Marie-Helen Goyetche, Arundel School, Canada
  4. Dorothy Taker, Grosse Ile School, Canada
  5. Alain Breuleux, McGill University, Canada
Friday, March 11 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Hermitage A

Abstract: Building Community through Telecollaboration (BCT) is a province-wide initiative with educators and administrators from English school boards across Quebec. It aims to encourage, facilitate and support collaboration among students, teachers and educational leaders to enhance learning by using ICT. In this paper, we present (a) a conceptual framework for the BCT project based on the participatory design research approach and (b) teachers’ collaborative activities and collaborative student projects in three teacher groups, which are divided according to the cycles they are teaching in. In addition, we highlight the roles of cycle group leaders as teacher leaders and teacher researchers for ...