Share Paper: The Use of E-Learning Platform for Multi-Tasks Group Projects: An Experimental Study in Higher Education in Taiwan

  1. Chianyi Ju, Shu-Te University, Taiwan
  2. Shu-chien Pan, Ohio University, United States
Wednesday, March 9 11:30-11:50 AM McGavock's A

Abstract: With the help of information technology, E-Learning has become a commonly used way of delivering learning. How the E-Learning environment been constructed and how instructors and students use it should be well planned and evaluated. Taiwan is famous for its information technology so that E-Learning is utilized in most educational settings. This research is aimed to investigate students’ attitude and effectiveness of learning when E-Learning is utilized in the process of course learning. In addition, researchers also explore the factors that influence the effectiveness of the E-Learning when incorporated into learning. A paper-based survey was conducted to gather students’ attitude ...