Wednesday, March 9
10:15 AM-11:15 AM

Free Resources for Education Excellence (FREE): Reducing Costs while Increasing and Sustaining Innovative 21st Century Teaching and Learning

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    Robert Moody
    Fort Hays State University

Abstract: Existing technology budgets once designated for innovation and professional development have decreased due to new federal funding formulas and underfunded state budgets. Remaining available technology funding has been redirected to No Child Left Behind mandates and assessment software programs. Schools must become more resourceful as they seek out new instructional technologies that are effective and economical in order to sustain student achievement. One possible solution to combat declining technology utilization due to restrictive budgets is to acquire Free Resources for Education Excellence (FREE). Much like its predecessor, “Cloud Computing” FREE refers to software resources that are offered via the Internet. This paper will present several FREE options that can increase and sustain 21st Century teaching and learning in the classroom, preparing many students for the business world, where such browser-based services have become the standard for working adults.


During this 3.5 hour workshop, in conjunction with the ISTE NETS and Performance Indicators for Teachers (NETS*T): *The presenter will facilitate and inspire participant learning and creativity by demonstrating knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation both F2F and online. *The presenter will model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness. *The presenter will engage participants in exploring real-world issues and authentic problems using FREE. *The presenter will design and develop digital-age learning experiences. *The presenter will demonstrate FREE technology-enriched learning environments that enable participants to pursue individual curiosities becoming active participants at the workshop. *Participants will be provided information, expectations, and demonstration of skills to be learned including: Google Docs; Youtube; Screencast-o-matic; and Ning. *Participants will create an instructional video.Evidence of success will be when the videos are uploaded on the Ning site. Finished product will be a part of a video library that serves three purposes: Instructional video for use when teacher is absent; sick students who can view content from home; and professional development training. *The presenter will model Digital-Age Work and Learning. *The presenter will collaborate with participants using FREE. *The presenter will promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility while advocating, modeling, and teaching safe, legal, and ethical use of FREE, including copyright and intellectual property. *The presenter will will encourage participation in local and global learning communities to explore creative applications of FREE to improve student learning.

Topical Outline

*Reasons for technology funding shortfall *Expanded explanation of Free Resources for Education Excellence (FREE) *ISTE NETS*T Standards as they apply to this workshop *The importance of Google Docs *Youtube as a great video file and share resource *Screencast-o-matic, the prefect online recorder *Using the social networking site Ning as a content host *Peer Collaboration to reinforce content acquisition *Digital Citizenship Modeling *Transference of FREE to other learning communities


Teachers play significant roles in technology-integrated classrooms, making decisions that affect students' learning and growth. Teachers also know how to be resourceful and innovative when opportunities and time allow. As a general rule, teachers ultimately have the final say as in "if, when, and how" they and their students will use technology in the classroom without any regard to unlimited or restrictive technology budgets. As a result, the primary intended audience for this workshop is PreK-12 teachers, however, administrators, and other postsecondary educators, are welcome to participate although much of the discussion will be geared towards to PreK-12 teaching and learning.

Experience Level



The presenter has been in education since 1991 and has personally witnessed the birth of the Internet, social networking, and cloud computing. His love of innovation and technology started when he became an American Online subscriber in 1994. During this same time period he was asked to teach introductory computer skill classes to 7th-9th graders. He had access to two computer labs: one PC and other Mac. He experimented in both environments until he became a PreK-12 principal. As principal he became an accomplished technology grant writer and award recipient, E-rate coordinator, and technology director during a four year tenure. He wore the same hats as a superintendent for another three years, until accepting a position at his current university. Since then, he has become the resident expert with the college of education and technology as a departmental webmaster, technology trouble-shooter, and resource advisor. He uses FREE technology in everyone one of his classes and trains other faculty members on their use. In the past two years he has been recognized as an Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Researcher within his college, due largely in part to his use of FREE and his persistence to share and teach technology with everyone whom he comes in contact with at the university. He has also presented his research on FREE at several state conferences as well as at the 2010 ASCD conference.
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