Share Paper: ICT and pre service teacher training in physics and chemistry: a survey in France

  1. Harinosy Ratompomalala, UMR STEF – INRP – ENS de Cachan, Madagascar
  2. Eric Bruillard, UMR STEF – INRP – ENS de Cachan, France
Wednesday, March 9 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: This paper is a part of PhD thesis concerning the issue: how pre service training can prepare physics and chemistry (PC) teachers to become professional users of ICT in their teaching activities. To better understand which factors have to be taken into account, a literature review was done first. Subsequently a panorama of the pre service training in France just before an important institutional change is given, focused on the use of ICT instruments: the possibilities for PC trainees to use ICT, as well as an analyze of their effective use are presented, with the aim of knowing some elements ...