Share Paper: Thinking through Design: Indirect Professional Development

  1. Stephanie Fisher, York University, Canada
  2. Jennifer Jenson, York University, Canada
  3. Laura Mae Lindo, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
  4. Heather Lotherington, York University, Canada
Tuesday, March 8 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Two Rivers

Abstract: Abstract: This paper reports on an inservice, research-driven teacher professional development (PD) program in an elementary school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This study differs from other work in this area as participant teachers’ PD is driven not by “learning skills” or even “how to instruct differently” using technology, but by the projects they set out and then support their students in doing. This project-focused, teacher-led and student implemented praxis has meant that technological skills are incidental to the larger problem of curriculum development, knowledge formation and explication.