Share Paper: Teletandem delivery: The educational relevance of the real world application of language and culture in online pedagogic and target tasks.

  1. Jason Brent Ellis, Ashland University, United States
  2. Carla Abreu-Ellis, Ashland University, United States
  3. Blair Bateman, Brigham Young University, United States
  4. Alison Tabor, Georgetown College, United States
  5. Ray Graham, Brigham Young University, United States
Wednesday, March 9 11:50 AM-12:10 PM McGavock's A

Abstract: A teletandem model of language learning provides a vehicle for online writing, reading, audio, and video communication between students who are partnered and have a set outcome. This paper discussed how three American institutions of higher education and two Brazilian institutions selected this model as a tool in language learning development for students participating in a study abroad experience. This paper reviewed the teletandem model, including specific assignments for the participants, and addressed the overall relevance of the teletandem components in language development. An argument for the inclusion of both pedagogical and task oriented activities in the teletandem model is ...