Share Paper: The Teaching Using Technology Studio (TUTS): Learning to Use New Technologies through Responsive Teacher Professional Development

  1. Susan O'Hara, Stanford University, United States
  2. Robert Pritchard, California State University Sacramento, United States
  3. Shannon Pella, University of California Davis, United States
Tuesday, March 8 10:45 AM-11:15 AM McGavock's A

Abstract: As multi media and technological savvy continue to expand existing notions of contemporary literacy, the need to prepare teachers to use a variety of classroom technologies has never been greater. The Teaching Using Technology Studio was designed as a responsive professional development program for sixteen elementary teachers. This study addressed the following question: “What is the impact of a responsive professional development model on teachers’ capacity to use technology to foster the literacy development of English learners and enhance their understanding of grade level concepts?” the impact of the program was measured by pre-post scores on a Knowledge-Use scale, a ...