Share Paper: Technology-Mediated Learning (TML): Researching the Potential and Challenges of Using Mobile Devices to Support Learning and Health in Ghana

  1. Kinful Aryee, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  2. Ron Hansen, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Friday, March 11 2:00-2:30 PM Hermitage B

Abstract: Abstract: The mobile phone usage among youth and adults is increasing in Ghana. There is a need to find how those devices could be applied in education and how access to information might increase literacy levels and reduce high risks in health sectors among adults. This study adopts the concept of Self-directed learning as a framework. Mobile technologies have brought handheld devices that are easily accessible for less developed areas where there is limited access to health information and formal education institutions. Using mixed methods the study proposes to gather survey and interview information from selected youth and adults. The ...