Share Paper: What Teachers Need to Know About Technology-enabled Youth: Lessons From ITEST

  1. David Gibson, Global Challenge Award, United States
  2. Glen Bull, University of Virginia, United States
  3. Colleen Kruger, Central Connecticut State University, United States
  4. Gerald Knezek, University of North Texas, United States
Thursday, March 10 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Tulip Grove E

Abstract: ITEST projects have generated knowledge about what teachers need to know and be able to do with technology. This skill set has become crucial to teach today’s technology-enabled youth. Technology-based teaching builds necessary skills and supports new ways of thinking and teaching. ITEST projects have used technology in various ways to develop STEM interests and abilities in students. Topics in this Panel will include: How teacher educators can utilize students’ motivations to enhance teacher preparation experiences with technology, and how elementary teachers’ enjoyment of materials creation can be used to introduce engineering design concepts and associated mathematical content that transfer ...