Share Paper: Developing a Survey from a Taxonomy of Characteristics for TK, TCK, and TPK to Assess Teacher Candidates’ Knowledge of Teaching with Technology

  1. Candace Figg, Brock University, Canada
  2. Kamini Jaipal, Brock University, Canada
Thursday, March 10 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Oaklands

Abstract: The development of a survey to assess teacher candidates’ knowledge of TK, TCK, and TPK is presented. The survey is unique in that it is derived from a taxonomy of characteristics for TK, TCK, and TPK developed by the authors from observation of elementary teacher candidates’ teaching practice. The survey includes items that target knowledge and skills related to teaching with technology that contribute to elementary teacher candidates’ success in their initial teaching experiences with technology. The reliability of the survey was determined through a pilot study with 48 teacher candidate representatives of the target population. Concurrently, content validity was ...